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Access, Visual FoxPro, SQL Server, and .NET are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
DB2 is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation.
Oracle database is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation.
Crystal Reports, Business Objects, and Sybase SQL are registered trademarks of SAP.
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SAP Platform Application Development

SAP Crystal Reports Software and Platform

Crystal Reports business intelligence application software is used to design and generate reports from a variety of data sources. It provides the capability to graphically design connections to data and report layouts. The Database Expert can be used for selecting and linking tables from a data source, including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Oracle, DB2, and MySQL databases, Business Objects Enterprise business views, and local file system information. Fields from these tables can be placed on the report design surface and used in custom formulas with either BASIC or Crystal's own syntax. Formulas can be evaluated at several phases during report generation as specified by the developer. Formatting options can be applied absolutely or conditionally to fields. The data can be grouped into bands which can be further subdivided to additional levels of granularity and conditionally suppressed. Crystal Reports also supports subreports, graphing, and a degree of GIS: Geographic Information System functionality. 1

The SAP strategy extends beyond Crystal Reports and Business Objects software. There is an emerging business intelligence product line. In 2010, SAP acquired the Sybase scalable database in order to provide software in conjunction with transporting messages to and from smartphones. This expanded the company mission for enabling companies to become better run unwired enterprises. The Sybase mobile platform connects applications and SAP and non-SAP data and is an enabler for use on mobile devices.


As part of its commitment to becoming a major player in business applications, SAP provides tools for third-party developers to make their own SAP mobile applications.

Open Data Protocol is an open standard used by developers. The SAP NetWeaver Gateway is used for exposing data from back-end SAP systems to server-based, desktop, or mobile applications. Both Appcelerator and Sencha support OData; There is a strategy for supporting application data push and integration with the SAP Mobile Platform.

Appcelerator Titanium Mobile SDK is used for building enterprise and consumer mobile applications with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. SAP has worked with Appcelerator to create a custom JavaScript library which allows a Titanium application to interact with the SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

Sencha is a HTML 5 mobile application framework for coding web application user interfaces. Senchaís data packages have a consistent interface for managing application data locally or retrieving from remote data sources. There is a utility for packaged a native application for distribution through the mobile device app stores. SAP has created a custom JavaScript library which allows a Sencha Touch application to work with the SAP NetWeaver Gateway and a SAP data source. 

SAP has worked with IBM on DB2 for z/OS; SAP clients will be able to benefit from DB2's scalability and performance enhancements that allow for further growth of SAP applications and consolidation of hardware landscape at the same time. Hewlett-Packard also is a major strategic partner.

SAP Data Management and Presentation

A challenge common to organizational enterprise is how to manage its databases and utilize data as part of its information technology infrastructure and as part of the product and services presented to clients. Since the mid 1980's Crystal Reports has been used in report generation and database programming. Crystal Report software can be integrated into both .NET IDE and Java IDE applications.

The Crystal Reports runtime engine is popular among software developers because it:

  • has a familiar and easy to use report designer.
  • supports the leading web browsers - MS Internet Explorer/Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari.
  • is lightweight and embeddable.
  • supports both client and thin web applications.
  • supports both .NET and Java applications.
  • is not dependent on a database for functions.

Crystal Reports supports text tiles - Btrieve, spreadsheet, text files, html, and XML files, groupware applications - Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, and Novell GroupWise, SAP BW: Business Warehouse, Info Sets, Tables, and Business Objects Universes, and Web Services Data Services - ODBC, JDBC, or OLAP. From this foundation, it has been a logical progression for organizational enterprise to use Crystal Reports software for implementing dashboards to monitor and measure data and provide a user interface for managing key metrics. These capabilities can be enhanced by using Crystal Reports Server to create, share, and deliver content over the Internet.

SAP and Big Data

The SAP platform has been extended to Big Data: analytic applications, rapid deployment solutions, BI: business intelligence, analytic tools, analytic databases, data warehousing, and information management tools. Apache Hadoop can be integrated into an existing investment in SAP software infrastructure: BI: business intelligence, advanced analytics, and data warehousing. Hadoop can be deployed alongside SAP HANA, an in-memory database used for real-time analytics and other applications. SAP Data Services can be used for searching and loading data from HDFS or Hive into SAP HANA or SAP Sybase IQ.

SAP BusinessObjects can query Hive environments and explore Hadoop data directly. Queries can be federated across SAP Sybase IQ and Hadoop environments. MapReduce jobs also can be run across a SAP Sybase IQ duster.

Crystal Reports and Microsoft .NET

Crystal Reports software was bundled with Visual Studio versions 2003 through 2008. Microsoft then made the decision to include its own reporting tool, SQL Server Reporting Services. Crystal Reports for Visual Studio is still available as add-on software. The MS .NET platform treats each report as an object oriented class. The entire object model is exposed to a .NET program; this is a very efficient way to modify reports. The object model can be accessed by any of the .NET languages: ASP.NET, VB.NET or C#.

The Crystal Reports object model can be used in several ways. The ReportDocument classReferences each class and property of the report. The viewer has a subset of properties and methods. The methods and properties of the CrystalReportViewer control provides the capability to modify the properties that effect logging in to a data source, setting report parameters, and deciding which report to preview. The object model can be used for subscribing to events that are triggered while the report is previewed and printed.

Crystal Reports and Java

Crystal Reports for Java streamlines the manual generation of HTML code. A visual designer is used for connecting to data and transforming it into dynamic report templates. A visual drag-and-drop data explorer simplifies JDBC data connectivity. There are extensive formatting options for providing a rich end-user experience within a zero-client footprint. Crystal Reports embeds dynamic data into JSP pages and utilized in conjunction with a Java IDE, new or existing report files can be added to projects as resources. Subsequent management of code can be performed through a project and deployed with web applications. Built-in wizards produce clean code and eliminate tedious coding of functionality. There also is Crystal Reports for Eclipse, which includes an Eclipse plug-in that can be used for formatting reports to both thick and thin client Java applications.

Crystal Reports Training by SYS-ED

SYS-ED teaches industry standard and tailored client specific Crystal Reports courses augmented with content from the CETi knowledge base. We provide training across the Crystal Reports software product line:Crystal Reports Standard, Crystal Reports Professional, Crystal Reports Developer, Crystal Reports Advanced Developer, and Crystal Reports Server. Equally as important, we are recognized experts on the underlying database engines and commercial and open source web server development platforms: architecture, protocols, SDKs, and new APIs. We have multi-disciplinary skillsets with both commercial Microsoft .NET and open source Java and provide guidelines on utilizing XML data with Crystal Reports.

SYS-ED staff and CETi technology partners have been consulting and training on Crystal Reports since its development by Crystal Services, Inc.

Software Version Ownership and Strategic Control of Crystal Reports Software
1 - 3 Crystal Services Inc. was the original owner of Quik Reports.
4 - 9 In 1994, Crystal Services was acquired in by Seagate Technology and rebranded as Crystal Decisions.
10 - 12 In December 2003, Crystal Reports was acquired by Business Objects.
13 Crystal Reports version 13 is for Visual Studio 2010.
14 In 2007, Business Objects was acquired by SAP. Crystal Reports 2011 is version 14.0.x
Crystal Reports 2013 Crystal Reports 2013 is version 14.1.x.

Qualifying a Crystal Reports Training Assignment

Information technology infrastructure is becoming increasingly hybrid and comprised of a combination of proprietary and open source software. Accordingly, it is our standard practice to qualify a prospective client's operating environment: web browser, operating system, web server, database, and middleware. SYS-ED will not accept an assignment until our Director of Education reviews the software environment and operational requirements with the prospective client. We will then compare it to the industry standard outline and performance objectives, and if required, develop client specific examples and examples and workshops. SYS-ED recognizes and differentiates between providing an industry standard Crystal Reports course: Crystal Reports: Report Design and Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET as compared to educational consultancy: Crystal Enterprise SDK Development.


Courseware for Teaching

The Computer Education Techniques courseware used in SYS-ED courses consists of student handouts, training aids, and industry-specific exercises. The CETi knowledge base aggregates and analyzes information in the public domain. It also is a service for reviewing and answering questions. Content is selectively added to courseware. The strategy is to submit courseware for evaluation as NRV: Nationally Recognized Curriculum with the New York State Department of Education.

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Professional Distance-learning Service


SYS-ED's distance-learning training service is 65% lecture with the remaining 35% of the service provided in the form of hands-on exercises, validation assessment, and scheduled interactive question and answer sessions.


Premium Training Services
Recording of Live Sessions SCORM to Client LMS 1 Courseware Licensing Content to Mobile Device Platforms

SAP Scalable Application Development

SAP primary target market is consumer businesses and to link workers with mobile devices to SAP back-end business operations software. SAP executives have stated the strategy is to do in business applications what Apple, Inc., has done in the consumer space. SAP has been acquiring resources in order to expand its Software as a Service, cloud offerings and customer base. SAP has 5,000 people dedicated to designing, building and delivering cloud solutions. 2  


Mobile Devices and Enterprise Computing Infrastructure

Mobile devices coupled with cloud computing are impacting the architecture of modern corporate computing to include both client-server and cloud-client. Mobile application development requires changes in the conventional architecture: programming model, platform, and languages. Complex applications will not necessarily work with mobile settings. Application developers will need to design and code applications to run on intelligent advanced mobile devices that operate differently than the typical desktop or laptop PC. Emerging categories of mobile application delivery include: native types, web-based types, hybrid types, and third-party mobile middleware services.

IBM Mainframe System Software and DB2 Relational Database

IBM Db2 has tuning capabilities for optimizing how SAP requests and workloads are processed. Db2 STMM-Self Tuning Memory Manager is used in automating the configuration, monitoring, and system memory in relation to the SAP database workloads. Db2 multidimensional clustering leads to improved performance of SAP NetWeaver BI queries. SAP also can make recommendations on building new indexes and using Db2 multiclustering.3

IBM WebSphere MQ is the industry leading message queuing middleware platform. It is used in a SOA environment to route and transport messages among nodes and manage services in the enterprise. SOA done correctly supports many-to-one standardization with a loosely coupled interface to many types of user interfaces.

Web Servers IBM Db2: Temporal and Versioned Data IBM MQ to SOA
Mobile Device and Cloud Application Development Java Enterprise Application Development Microsoft Internet and Mobile


Grow Your Own SAP Crystal Reports Programmers

Over the past year, we have had a number of inquiries regarding whether SYS-ED still offered Crystal Reports courses for business professionals, webmasters, and information technology professionals.

The typical comments were that:

1. It is difficult to find SAP Crystal Reports, Business Objects, Sybase ASE, and API training which teaches the specialized skills required for mobile device and web app development integrated with cloud computing architectures and Big Data.
2. A scarcity of courses geared to the employees from Fortune 1000 companies, government, healthcare providers, mid-sized businesses, and professional service firms.
3. A high percentage of SAP Crystal Reports courses are cancelled.
4. Travel costs and living expenses in a majority of situations are a constraint when it comes to attending a Crystal Reports course.
5. It is important to have a resource for asking Crystal Reports questions once the database training is complete.

In response to these questions:
Crystal Reports Training Services Yes, SYS-ED offers specialized SAP Crystal Reports, Business Objects, and Sybase ASE training: report generation, administration, programming, and tailored training.
Crystal Reports Training Services Yes, since the mid 1980's, SYS-ED has taught Crystal Reports, Sybase, and scalable database courses.
Crystal Reports Training Services Yes, we have the flexibility to provide personalized training for small groups. We teach the design skills for front-end input in a cloud-client architecture.
Crystal Reports Training Services Crystal Reports courses are available in multiple formats: classroom, distance-learning, and blended web-based delivery.
Crystal Reports Training Services Upon completion of a SYS-ED course, our staff is available to answer Crystal Reports questions.


Crystal Reports and SAP Platform Training

SYS-EDís Crystal Reports courses have been developed based upon the application of adult learning theory and the standards of the New York State Department of Education. The courses teach industry standard content augmented with consultancy derived techniques for database design, coding, and performance optimization.

SYS-ED Crystal Reports curriculum extends the source software company documentation with sample programs, skeleton program, integrated exercises with commercial database, and development guidelines.
  • Transitioning from older versions of Crystal Reports to the SAP Business Objects model.
  • Migrating and upgrading applications from the client/server to the emerging service oriented architecture standard.
  • Logical and physical design in order to optimize performance of the source database engine.
  • Interface design and presentation format.
  • Exploration of dashboard functionality and requirements for development and implementation.
  • Utilization of the protocols serving as the foundation for web services in conjunction with Crystal Reports software.
  • Generation of report data using SAP Crystal Reports RESTful web services to be consumed and embedded in mobile devices and web-enabled software.
  • Reports on Hadoop can be executed by integrating SAP BusinessObjects with Hadoop - SAP BusinessObjects through the Hadoop Hive-JDBC connectors.
  • Report content can be fetched in XML or JSON format, and report management applied using the RESTful API and RESTful web services SDK for OData services.
  • In addition to SAP Crystal Reports, there are several front end tools that can report on Hadoop.

At the client discretion, pre and post course validation assessment can be utilized for quantifying mastery of the subject matter. Upon completion of an instructor-led Crystal Reports course at the client location, it is standard policy to organize content for future utilization in a web-based training infrastructure. When SYS-ED can not warranty a superior training outcome, then we will politely turn down an assignment.

SYS-ED has been conducting courses in the public domain since 1980; however, there have been changes in the laws and regulations governing computer training in the state of New York. The schedule on our websites reflects a projected time frame for licensure with the New York State Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision and submission and approval of curriculum. It will be updated quarterly.

Few independent training companies have been teaching Crystal Reports longer or better than SYS-ED.

Evolving IT - Interrelated Technologies

Information technology training for business enterprise is more complex and challenging than ever before. Organizationís have a working and substantial investment in infrastructure and applications specific to their operations. There are new industry standard protocols, web server and webenabled technologies, and development platforms which require a combination of development from scratch and integration with the existing client/server systems and enterprise databases. There are long term implications regarding the strategic mix of investing in proprietary and open source software, along with decisions on whether to maintain and upgrade the legacy applications, many now thirty or more years old, while retrofitting and transitioning to the new technologies. SYS-ED trained a significant portion of the first generation of data processing and information technology personnel. And look forward to training their successors in the 21st century.

Java Training Program MS .NET Training Program Oracle Training Program

Crystal Reports Training

Crystal Reports Courses
SYS-ED's Crystal Reports courses are tough, but they're worth it. Our database and programming language training is used by Fortune 1000 companies, government municipalities, and healthcare providers to meet their staffing requirements and acquire specialized skillsets.s 4

SYS-ED's courseware draws upon our cross platform library to demonstrate and teach Crystal Reports on .NET and Java and web server platforms.

Teaching is Our Business
Most computer training companies are divisions of large software or consulting companies. Not SYS-ED. Our only goal is to provide Crystal Reports training for motivated professionals. This independence allows us to concentrate on teaching.

Our Teachers Know How to Teach
SYS-ED instructors combine teaching skills with experience in Crystal Reports, databases, web servers, and application development. After a course, students are welcome to ask questions back on the job.

Enrollment - Crystal Reports Courses are Not for Everyone
No one is allowed to enroll in a SYS-ED course without a consultation with our Director of Education. We review the operational objectives and project specifications for the organization evaluating whether to send its employee for the training. The employee only is allowed to enroll if they have the background corresponding to the course.

SAP Crystal Reports Training - Distance-learning or at Your Office
SYS-ED Crystal Reports courses are provided over the Internet through a distance-learning delivery medium or classroom instruction. Client location courses can include the same workshops, examples, and case studies as through the SYS-ED schedule.

Technology Exchange Websites
SYS-ED websites compile, organize, and present software specific and established operational categorizations of information technology. They provide a framework for assessing knowledge transfer in a variety of delivery formats: web based training, classroom instruction, technology updates, courseware, training aids, learning paths, and validation assessment.

Footnote 1:
SYS-ED staff has reviewed general product information on Crystal Reports from Wikipedia and updated our website with factual product information and changes in the ownership of the software.

Footnote 2:
Fortune - May 2012.

Footnote 3:
Who Moved My Oracle? Learnings from IBM DB2 Implementations in SAP Environments, Springboard Research, October 2011.

Footnote 4:
SYS-EDís core Crystal Reports courses are being prepared for submission to the New York State Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision for technical review and licensing.